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About Us

Humble Beginnings

Hi, I’m Michelle, mother of two wheel-obsessed boys and founder of Little Acorns Toys.

Little Acorns is a Sydney based, family run business, that was conceived from my desire to help enrich playtime (and learning) for my own kids. From here, we now have a range of high-quality beautiful wooden toys that all children can enjoy.

Open-Ended Play Toys

90% of brain growth happens by kindergarten and the speed of learning is unequalled, so we know the choice of toys is an important one!

Kids learn through creativity and will often activate critical thinking without even realising it during playtime.

Our selection of timeless, meaningful toys are safe, tactile and never bound to just one form of play. Instead, they are engaging, open-ended toys that can be played with in many different ways. This helps foster all-important imagination and cognitive development in young minds.

Toys That Develop as Children Do

These interactive toys also encourage communication and exploration without the aid of batteries, encouraging children to create their own sounds, motions and stories as they play.

No two children are alike and even with the same toy, two very different adventures can be taken.  We love that uniqueness and it’s at the core of each of our products.

Little Acorns toys are “forever toys” that grow with your children as they do and as their play styles adapt and change. They are ideal for different abilities and developmental stages, from toddlers and beyond.

Handcrafted, Natural Wooden Creations

I’m mindful that running a business has an impact on the environment and we’re focused on making ours as positive as possible, across all areas.  After all, we want to protect the health of our planet – not just for our children, but the many future generations to come!

  • Minimising Waste: our thoughtfully made creations are crafted from sustainably-sourced wood. As a highly durable material they are less likely to break or be thrown away.

  • Recyclable Materials: we use recyclable or biodegradable packaging that is eco-friendly. Our natural wooden toys can also either be recycled at the end of their lifespan or passed on to other playful, inquisitive young minds, thanks to their timeless design.

We hope you love them as much as our children do.